58 Passwords You Should Not be Using

Posted by Mit Patel

Passwords are often all that stand between cyber criminals and your sensitive data. Access of this data by unauthorised persons can lead to serious financial problems, severe damage to reputation, or embarrassment.

So why do people continue to use common and easy to guess passwords on multiple websites, often using the same ones repeatedly?

It's easy for people to obtain your email address. If they can work out your password and get into your emails, they have the potential to access any other service you use by clicking on the "forgot password" links that many services use.

If you're using passwords similar to the ones below, you really should change them. Common words, people's names, place names, sports teams, and easily guessed sequences or repetitions of numbers are the most commonly used passwords.

common passwords you should not be using

Read this post for our tips on creating super strong passwords.

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