The Value of a Dedicated IT Director

Posted by Mit Patel

quarterly business reviewAll of our clients are assigned a dedicated IT Director to ensure that our relationship with you always delivers as much strategic value as possible. We are focused on improving productivity and output for your business, reducing risk and lowering technology costs.

How does my strategic partnership with Netstar work?

  • At the start of your relationship with us, your dedicated Netstar IT director will sit down with you to provide you with strategic technology consulting – making sure the solutions we offer you are aligned to your business, will meet your business needs, and will help you to achieve your organisational goals.
  • We discuss what you need most from your IT partner, and then use this information to tailor our service desk processes to your requirements. For example, if you are growing fast and taking on a lot of new employees, we'll devise a tailored "new user request" process that makes this quick and easy for you and for our engineers. 
  • We’ll conduct a technology audit of your current infrastructure, and show you where we suggest you make improvements – highlighting the business benefits of doing so.
  • We’ll use all of this information to draw up a three to five year IT roadmap, including an IT budget with forecasted costs.
  • After this initial period, we don’t leave you on your own. We continue to ensure that your business is receiving the best possible service from us, and that we are continuing to meet your technology needs. We do this by setting up quarterly business reviews between you and your IT director.

What does the Quarterly Business Review cover?

reports how your systems are working

    In your quarterly business review, we will review your existing technology, your requirements and your future plans in order to improve our service to you. We’ll keep it high level, but have the detail to hand should you need it.
  • First 30 minutes: We’ll spend the first 30 minutes of your business review presenting some reports and statistics showing you how we have performed for you over the last quarter. Don’t worry, we’ll keep it as high level as possible, and provide the underlying detail if you ask for it. We’ll also show you how your staff have worked with us, and how your systems have been performing.
  • Second 30 minutes: In the second thirty minutes we’ll discuss your plans for growth over the next 9 to 18 months, and what you expect your technology capital and operating expenses to be. We’ll use this time to give you further advice on IT budget planning and how developments in technology could support your business aspirations.
  • Third 30 minutes: In the last stage of the meeting we will present you with our recommendations based on what we have discussed, taking into account your budget, your business plans, and how your systems have performed for you so far. You will also benefit from technology budget plans and IT roadmaps which give you a picture of future IT costs, taking into account your projected growth.

To discuss how a strategic IT partnership could help your business flourish get in touch today.

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