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58 Passwords You Should Not be Using

01 June 2017

Passwords are often all that stand between cyber criminals and your sensitive data. Many of the services you log into are still not using a second method of authentication in addition to a password. Access to this data by unauthorised persons can lead to serious financial problems, severe damage to reputation, or embarrassment.

How to Spot a Phishing Email - Are You Aware of These Email Security Red Flags?

15 May 2017

A new form of Ransomware has recently spread to 74 countries, most notably affecting the NHS. This ransomware arrives via phishing emails, and gets onto systems by the user clicking on a link or attachment in a phishing email.

CEO Phishing - Would Your Accounts Department Fall For This?

09 February 2017

It’s a cruel technique that hackers have been using to shake down SMEs for years, though now the cyber-security world is seeing CEO Phishing develop frightening new forms. We don’t mean to panic you but… 

The Most Common Security Threats to your Business

05 July 2016

There are many security threats facing your business.

Mass LinkedIn Hack Reveals Everyone Still Chooses Terrible Passwords!

27 May 2016

This week it came to light that a 2012 hack of the business social network LinkedIn, originally thought to have compromised around 6 million accounts, actually affected over 106 million users.

The End of Windows Server 2003 is an Opportunity for Your Business to Grow!

29 May 2015

Support for Windows Server 2003 will end on July 15th 2015.

If data theft caused a company like Sony to lose millions, what would it do to your business?

19 December 2014

Sony were recently the victims of a cyber-attack which has directly caused massive damage to their reputation and bottom line.

Shellshock: Serious Vulnerability Putting Systems at Risk

26 September 2014

Back in April, news broke of a serious security flaw in Open SSL security called the Heartbleed Bug.

The Very Simple Solution to Avoid Hacking of Your Personal and Business Data

15 September 2014

The recent iCloud hacks that targeted several well known celebrities, resulting in personal photos being posted online for the whole world to see, could have easily been avoided if the users had enabled two factor authentication.

Denial of Service: Defend Against Malicious Attacks that will Lose you Revenue through Downtime

26 August 2014

A Denial of Service Attack (DoS) is when a server is placed under great strain by overloading it with substantial traffic, causing it to slow to a crawl or crash. This makes the service unavailable for legitimate users.

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