Netstar becomes an HP Preferred Partner

Posted by Robert Dodds

We are pleased to announce that Netstar has been certified by HP as a Preferred Partner, Netstar can guarantee a combination of expertise, proximity and customized solutions using HP products and technology.

Being an HP Preferred Partner means our clients benefit from our close link to the manufacturer: prices are lower, and we're ahead of the market when it comes to the latest technology and upgrades.

We were specifically selected and approved by HP to deliver the right value and expertise for customers requiring the quality of service you expect. HP Preferred Partner Status means HP has formerly recognised Netstar as carrying specialisations and certifications across HP's broad product portfolio.



Why work with a HP Preferred Partner?

When you work with an HP Preferred Partner such as Netstar, you benefit from high-quality planning, deployment, maintenance and support, backed by HP's world-class products and solutions. It provides an assurance that your IT investment is safe with Netstar. Our close working relationship with HP means they trust Netstar to provide state-of-the-art solutions that meet your exact requirements at the right cost.

Simply put by HP themselves, "HP Preferred Partners are the best of the best. All HP Preferred Partners place a premium on high-quality customer service, and are backed by HP every step of the way."


If you would like to find out more contact us today on 0208 514 8877

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