The Benefits of Remote Working

Posted by Robert Dodds

remote workingRemote working options have improved considerably in recent years with the advances in internet connectivity and cloud computing. Working from home is now a totally viable option for many businesses and employees.

Working from home no longer need mean any loss of productivity. It is now possible to do anything you could do in your office, remotely. For some business, face to face contact may be preferable, but conference calls and video links make for an attractive and effective alternative.

How Remote Working is Improved by Cloud Computing

With cloud computing, all of your files are stored in a secure data centre, which you connect to via an internet connection whether you are in the office, at home, or out and about. All of your programs and applications can also be housed in the data centre, rather than being installed on an office device. This means you can access them anywhere regardless of what device you are using. There's no need to worry about purchasing additional licenses for software on all of your devices, no more emailing documents to yourself or carrying around flash drives. Cloud computing makes remote working a breeze. You may find you're more productive away from the office than in it!

Your Company and Employees can Benefit Dramatically from Remote Working

  • Access all of your files, wherever you are.
  • Run any of your business specific software, regardless of device.
  • Save money, time and lower your carbon footprint with reduced commuting.
  • No longer be affected by things like transport strikes and disruptions.
  • Need to stay late to catch up or finish a project? Do it at home.
  • Enjoy a better work-life balance.
  • Employ the right people for your organisation, even if they live too far away.
  • Save space in your office, and save money on rent, by allowing employees to work remotely.

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