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8 Clear Signs it's Time to Change IT Provider

Why Facebook is a Hacker's Best Friend, Why and How to Secure Your Account

Why you Shouldn't Geotag Your Social Media Posts

Ads on "Safe", Trusted, Popular Websites Can Infect Your Networks with Malware

An Easy Way to Stop Data Being Stolen from Your Lost Devices

Use a Mac? You know you can still get viruses, right?

CEO Phishing - Would Your Accounts Department Fall For This?

Who Else Wants Their Embarrassing Emails Exposed like David Beckham?

If Your Password Looks Like This: randomword34 - then You Really Need to Read This.

Hackers Aren't Trying to Hack Your Systems, They're Doing this Instead...

The Top Tricks Hackers Use to Fool Your Employees

[INFOGRAPHIC] The Business Costs of Ransomware

Why your firewall is letting 60% of internet traffic through unscanned

Your Employees Are Your Biggest Risk - How do you stop them Falling for Cyber Attacks?

Why YOU are more likely to pay the Ransom to get your Data Back than a Bigger Business

Here's What a Cyber Breach Could Cost You

Downtime the Biggest Cost of Ransomware

Want Bigger Profits? Time to Ditch the Break-Fix Approach to IT

Facebook Fake Friends Phishing Attacks - BEWARE

66% of UK SMEs at Threat due to CEO FALSE sense of Cyber Security

How iPhone 7 will Impact your Work Productivity

10 Elements of Business Cyber Security [INFOGRAPHIC]

How Your Business Networks Get Hacked at Starbucks

3 Ways Your IT Department Can Damage your Reputation

Can Your IT Provider Protect You from These Threats?

The Most Common Security Threats to your Business

BREXIT: Impact on UK Businesses from an IT Outsourcing Perspective

Small Businesses Getting Hit by Cyber Crime

Microsoft Planner - A Solution for Organising Teamwork and Collaboration

Unlocking the 'mystery' of phone call leads

Mass LinkedIn Hack Reveals Everyone Still Chooses Terrible Passwords!

The Problem with Using Google Analytics to Measure Marketing Effectiveness

FindTime from Microsoft Makes Organising Meetings Easy

How to Ensure You Don't Embarrass Yourself on Your Next Web Conference

Do you Know Your Life Hourly?

The Business Efficiency Challenge [INFOGRAPHIC]

Business Implications for Property Companies as Zoopla Acquires Property Software Holdings

Implement the Power of Zero for Productivity

Google Analytics is Lying to You About Your Website's Performance

38 Hacks for Productive Working

Automate these 5 Digital Marketing Time Drainers to Save Time

How to Avoid Losing Motivation for Your Plans - 6 Tips

VIDEO: How to Save Time with Excel, Including SUMIFS, VLOOKUPs and Other Tips

How Being a Minimalist at Work Improves Productivity

4 Strategies for Defeating Task Overload

Innate Habits of Business Leaders

Effective Communication Techniques for Business Leaders

Take Back Your Life from Emails!

Become Impossible to Reach: Block Time Wasters with these Tips

Are You Innovating to Maximise Future Growth?

Cyber Security - Potentially the Biggest Productivity Concern for your Business

How to Stop Managing and Start Leading

Have Better Meetings and Welcome Conflict

7 Attributes of Great Leaders

The Myth of Multi-Tasking

The Link between Choice, Freedom and To-Do Lists

Tick the Right Boxes, Not All of the Boxes

How Can Tomatoes Increase Productivity?

Here's What Happened when I Used Productivity Planner for a Week

How Being Proactive Prevents Emergencies

Schedule Your Priorities, Don't Prioritise Your Schedule

What do Emails and the Lottery have in Common?

Are Emails the Source of Your Procrastination?

6 Habits of Productive People and 4 Things they Avoid

Quick Tips to Improve PC Performance and Get More Done

9 Ways to Add Time Back to Your Day

5 Tips to Help You Focus on the Important Tasks

A day in the life of a Service Desk Engineer: Kieran

IT Security in 2016 - Is Your Business Secured?

7.5 Million Working Days Wasted per WEEK due to Poor Technology

Merry Christmas from Netstar!

Fuel Growth with Inbound Marketing

Business Efficiency Infographic

Efficiency in Business is a Product of Processes

CEO Impersonation - Rising threat to Financial Services and other companies

Don't Upgrade to El Capitan if you use Outlook on your Mac!

Investing in Technology Pays Productivity and Efficiency Dividends

Can you avoid the tube strike with remote working?

Does your IT Support Partner help you to be FCA Compliant?

The End of Windows Server 2003 is an Opportunity for Your Business to Grow!

Tech Lessons to be Learned from Bank of NY Mellon's £126m Compliance Fine

FCA says Technology and Data are Key Risks for Financial Services Firms

Businesses STILL Can't Work a Week after Holborn Fire

Rising Optimism Leading to Investment in IT for UK Financial Services Firms in 2015

Infographic: 10 Ways your Employees Compromise your Business' Security

The Dangers of Neglecting Technology Management for Businesses

Employee Workplace Expectations Fuel Rise in IT Spending

Worldwide IT Cloud Spending to Approach £100 billion by 2016

If data theft caused a company like Sony to lose millions, what would it do to your business?

Office 365 is a 'Virtual No-Brainer' for Businesses wishing to Improve Productivity & Reduce Risk

Seven Ways you Can Prevent Data Loss for your Business

Can You Claw Back Hundreds of Wasted Hours Per Year by Investing in Technology?

Vivo Barefoot Office 365 Video

Windows 10 - First Look

Netstar Re-Awarded ISO 27001 Certification

The Value of a Dedicated IT Director

Shellshock: Serious Vulnerability Putting Systems at Risk

Proactive IT Support - Why It's Crucial

The Business Benefits of Remote Working

Infographic: IT Support with Added Value

The Very Simple Solution to Avoid Hacking of Your Personal and Business Data

New Apple Phones Finally Unveiled!

Infographic: How Cloud Computing Saves Money and Enhances Productivity

Denial of Service: Defend Against Malicious Attacks that will Lose you Revenue through Downtime

Cryptolocker Update - Users Can Now Retrieve their Encrypted Files for Free

Infographic: Disaster Recovery - Reduced Risk for Small and Medium Businesses (SMBs)

Did you know that connecting a device via USB could be a serious security risk?

6 Golden Rules For Increasing Revenue via Your Website

Infographic: Office 365 Facts and Stats

Windows Server 2003 - Why You Need to Move On

Ultimate Productivity for Microsoft Outlook: 7 Top Tips

Infographic: The Benefits of Outsourced IT Support for SMEs

How Office 365 helps your employees to work together

What do you get with Office 365?

Your Firewall May be Reaching its End of Life!

Rent a Giant 80 inch TV for your Office for the World Cup!

New Open SSL Vulnerability Discovered - Heartbleed Version 2

What did Apple reveal at the Worldwide Developers Conference?

How to Protect Yourself Against GameOver Zeus - the New Virus that will Empty Your Bank Account

Netstar Passes ISO 9001 Accreditation for Third Year

Why do I need a Firewall?

Important: New Crpytolocker Virus Threat

More Online Password Security Breaches - Apple and eBay

How to Survive the Google Panda 4.0 Algorithm Update

Surface Pro 3: The Laptop Replacer?

Top 6 things you need to do to grow your business online & generate revenue

4 Reasons why Businesses who want to Grow Online should be Blogging

Alliance of major technology firms and websites calls for internet 'reset' in name of security

The Benefits of a Fully Managed Print Solution

8 Signs to Help you Protect yourself against Phishing Emails

Internet Explorer Patched Up by Microsoft, even for XP, but should you dump the browser anyway?

Major Bug in Internet Explorer Versions 6-11 Puts Users at Risk

Microsoft forcing users to upgrade again - Why you need to update Windows 8.1

Heartbleed Bug - Online Security Compromised - Which Sites are Affected?

8th April: The Windows XPacalypse

Mobiles and Business Use - The iPhone

Meet our team - Spotlight on Josh

Lenovo ThinkPad X1 Carbon (2014) Review

New Requirement to Combat Security Threats

Maintenance Tips for your Mac - Optimise Performance

The Benefits of Outsourced IT

Cut down time wasted while your PC boots up and Increase Productivity

Five quick tips to create secure passwords that are easy to remember

Rebooting your PC is not the "dummies" answer to fixing issues, it actually works! Find out why…

Wireless Printing from Smartphones and Tablets

How to connect to your Work PC via Remote Access

How to change a password via the terminal server

Do Chromebooks Offer Value for Businesses?

Top 10 IT Support Issues

Why Failing to Procure through a Reputable Supplier puts Lives at Risk

How to Create an Email Signature in Outlook

The Benefits of Remote Working

How to Change your Password via Outlook Web App (OWA)

A Day in the Life of a Netstar Field Engineer - Marc

Trains Preventing you from Getting to Work? If only You Had Remote Working!

How to Restore a File on a Server from Previous Versions

Is Social Media a Security Risk to your Business?

How Cold Weather Affects Your Smartphone's Performance

How to Set Up Outlook

Are Desktop Computers Still Essential in the Workplace?

Major Internet Outage in London, Millions of People Unable to Work

Why Antivirus Software Isn't Dead

Reduce Overheads and Become Environmentally Sustainable with Green IT

Why you should upgrade Windows XP immediately

Christmas 2013 Opening Hours

The true cost of IT downtime & how to combat it

Disaster Recovery - Don't Cut Your Business Life Support

10 Tips for a Successful Office Move

Netstar Attends Important IT Service Conferences in Orlando, Florida

Netstar's Information Security Management awarded ISO 27001

Is VoIP right for you? The Pros and Cons of Switching to VoIP

What is the CryptoLocker Virus?

The Importance of Team Building in the Workplace

A Day in the life of a Netstar 2nd Line Service Engineer - Sarah

Mobile Phones Through the Years

10 Top Tips to Secure Your Network

Choosing Your Ideal IT Support Partner in London

How to Prepare for the End of Windows XP

Keeping Your Business Data Protected

Exploring the Benefits of Microsoft Exchange 2013

Organising Information on Our Computers

The Pros and Cons of Windows Server 2012

Using the Right Technology to Make the Most of Cloud and BYOD Policies

Top Tips for a Smooth and Easy Office Move

How IT Environments can Benefits from Using the Cloud

Things to Consider Before Installing Windows 8

How to Go About Outsourcing Your IT

How Technology Has Changed the Corporate World

More and More Small Businesses Affected by Cybercrime

Avoiding Data Backup Disasters

What is Ubuntu and Why Should I Use It?

Are Apple Macs Ideal for Your Business?

Productivity Apps for Business

What to Do When Your PC Keeps Freezing

Fixing Printer Issues - Solving Your Top Major Printing Problems

How Cloud Computing Gained its Popularity

Choosing the Right Telecommunication Services for Your Business

Day in the life of a 1st Line Service Engineer - Nathan

Is the Cloud the Right Solution For Your Business?

Are ‘Bring Your Own Device’ Policies a Good Idea for Business?

Apple vs. Microsoft - Choosing the Right Hardware for Your Business

How to Boost Your Company's Internet Speed

Maintenance Tips to Keep Your PC in Top Condition

Global IT Spend on the Rise

Win an iPad Mini

Ensure Internet Slow Downs Don’t Affect Your Business

Alternatives to Microsoft Outlook

Are Tablets the Right Choice for Businesses?

Questions to Consider Before Choosing Your IT Company

How to Avoid Malware

Why VoIP is the Right Solution for Your Business

Which Laptop Processor is Right for You?

Why Cloud Computing is Perfect for Small Businesses

World’s Fastest Printer Released by HP

New Apple Update to Fix iOS Email and Battery Problems

Why is my PC running slowly?

Why two monitors are better than one

Setting up Your Microsoft Exchange Server on an iPhone

The Importance of Backup and Disaster Recovery

Leap Motion Controllers Transform the Way We Interact with Computers

2013 – The Year of Touch Screen Computing

Microsoft Introduces Surface Pro with Combined Tablet and PC Features

Blackberry 10 – UK Launch

The Ubuntu Operating System: What it Could Mean for Business

Microsoft Office 2013 is Here

The Business Benefits of Windows 8

Apple Introduce New Update – iOS 6.1

The top five apps for business

Saving Your Business Money with Cloud Computing

We've got a new look

Our Christmas opening hours

Managed IT Service Prevents Costly Repairs

Tip of the Week: View Text in Windows Clearly

iTwin: A Hardware Solution for File Sharing

Stolen Device Damage Control

Weekly Tip: Email Attachment Shortcut for Outlook

What’s New with Microsoft PowerPoint 2013

4 Tips to Shop Securely Online

Managing Employee Stress and Fatigue

A Lap is No Place for a Laptop

Tips to Effectively On Board New Employees

Desktop + Tablet = Sony Vaio Tap 20

Netstar have been placed number 23 from all the MSPs in Europe

Weekly Tip: Quickly Close All Windows Programs

Adobe Reader X: The Best PDF Reader for Mobile Platforms

Is Your Network Monster-Proof?

Weekly Tip: Take Screenshots to Communicate Support Issues

Windows 7, Your Days are Numbered

The 3 Flavors of Windows 8

Calculate Your Downtime

Finding Savings in Your Underutilized Servers Part 2

Increase Security with Multi-Factor Identification

Finding Savings in Your Underutilized Servers, Part 1

File Sharing Options to Consider

3 Handy Tools to Remember Your Passwords, Part 2

Password Vulnerability and Security, Part 1

Troubleshooting a Wet Mobile Phone

Know These 4 Intruders that Threaten your Business

The Quest for the Paperless Office

The Fall of the Mighty Fax Machine

VoIP, More Features and New Possibilities

5 Email Threats You Must Know

Pirates Ahead, Be Ye Warned!

5 Solutions To Look for in London Computer Support

Is the Apple’s iPhone 5 Built for Business?

Travel With Free Wi-Fi

There’s Electricity in the Air Over Intel’s New Chip

5 Tips to Make Yourself a Better Presenter

Protect your Dropbox with Two-Step Authentication

Prevent your Web Browser from Storing Passwords

Is it Plugged In? Avoid Wasting Time with PC Vendors

QikPad: Collaborative Workspace Review

The Many Frustrations with Relying on Tape Backup

Ransomware: Computers Held Hostage

Is an Ultrabook Right for You?

Collaborate and Share Notes with Microsoft OneNote

World's Third-largest Botnet Brought Down, Global Spam Cut in Half

Twitter Twits: 10 Epic Fails

Creating Gmail Filters to Organise Your Email

Slash Power Costs and Boost Performance with SSD

What's Bogging Down your Network?

5 Tips to Keep in Mind When Building Success

Should Your London Business Virtualise?

5 Reasons Businesses Should Upgrade to Windows 8

Business vs. Pleasure: Managing Your Facebook Persona

Review your business continuity plans and avoid navigating the Olympic hurdles

8 Ways to Reduce your Printing Expenses

Microsoft Office 2013 Sneak Peak

Android Malware on the Rise

Dual-Monitors: Is Two Really Better Than One?

Gliffy Makes Building Flowcharts Easy

Use Outlook Rules to Save Time when Managing your Inbox

Don't Let a Storm Put You Out of Business

Google Puts a Price on Google Glass

The Best Defense: Universal Threat Management

How London Small Businesses Reduce Computer Issues with the Bridge Metaphor

Netstar receives ISO 9001 accreditation

Microsoft Rises to the Surface

How to Create Amazing Document Templates with Microsoft Word Part 2

How to Create Amazing Document Templates with Microsoft Word Part 1

Six Tips for Working Better While Traveling

What's New in Firefox 13

The Tablet Age

Keep your Server Cool

6 Million Passwords Stolen from LinkedIn

The BYOD Revolution

What is Desktop Virtualization?

London Small businesses need Managed Technology Services

Bad Backup: How Pixar Almost Lost an Entire Film

Pin Folders to the Windows 7 Taskbar for Fast Access to your Files

Is it Time to Ditch Windows XP?

Mobile Botnets and Zombie Phones

Why Small Businesses Need to Properly Manage Active Directory

Smartphone for Business Buying Cheat Sheet

Ransomware Wants You to Pay Up

Solid State vs Hard Disk

Top Ten Keyboard Shortcuts To Get Things Done

Microsoft Word Basics: Line and Paragraph Spacing

Getting Excited for Windows 8

Your Company Social Media Policy Part 2

Computer Infected? The FBI is turning off your Internet

Is your Business a Victim of Email Spoofing?

Why Should I Safely Remove Devices?

Your Company Social Media Policy Part 1

Mac Malware on the Rise

Android OS on your Wrist?

Take Back your Bandwidth

Public Safety Tip: Wi-Fi Hotspot Security

Removing the Hidden Data in Microsoft Word

3 Huge Benefits of Voice over IP

Do Employees Work Better from Home?

Would a Disaster put your Company out of Business?

Securing your Wi-Fi is More Important Than Ever

Protecting your Data from Disaster

March 31st is World Backup Day

Is Virtualization Right for your London Small Business?

At Long Last: Android Users get OneNote Mobile

Is the World Ready for Windows 8?

Increase Productivity with Multiple Monitors

IT Monitoring - Prevent Issues Before they get Expensive

Resize Image Attachments in Outlook

Quick Tip - Generate a Sum or Average in Excel 2010

The Top Two Tablets On the Market Today

Did You Test Your Backup This Month?

Manage your Views in Outlook 2010 for Better Organization

Netstar becomes an HP Preferred Partner

What is Pinterest and Why It Matters to London Businesses

Stolen NASA Laptop contains Space Station Control Codes

How to Prepare for Laptop Theft

Stuxnet: When Computer Viruses are Weapons

Cut Down on Cost of Business Overhead with these 5 Solutions

What to do if your Laptop is Stolen

How to Monitor your Smartphone Data

Google's Privacy Policy Change - What you should know

Scan Documents with your Android Phone

Understanding the Costs of Data

Answer Your Office Phone from Home with VoIP

How Network Monitoring Reduces Tech Support Costs

Winner of Netstar Customer Satisfaction Survey

Slow Computer? Increase your memory to boost computer Speeds

Data Backup: An IT Consultant's Nightmare

Is Big Brother Watching You, and Do You Mind?

Please Don't Pass the Spam

Displaying Data Charts in PowerPoint and other Microsoft Office Apps

Dress up your next PowerPoint with SmartArt

Introducing Minesh Thakkar as Technical Account Manager

5 Ways to Slash IT Costs

What to do when your Data is Breached

Google vs Twitter: Will Search and Social Blend?

As Data Capacity Soars Data Growth Anchors it Down

Over 45 thousand Facebook Logins Stolen by a Worm

Disaster Recovery and Why it Matters to London Businesses

What is your Identity Worth to You?

Mobile Computing Cage Match

Scareware - The Latest Trend in Cyber Frauds and Malware

5 Reasons to Replace Windows XP

2012 Technology Resolutions

The Tech Predictions of 2012

Tutorial: Master the Art of the Mail Merge, Part 2

Tutorial: Master the Art of the Mail Merge, Part 1

Biggest Security Risk: Not Assessing Issues

2011 Sees Record Online Holiday Spending

IT Wonderland

5 Things to Consider When Planning to Virtualize

QR Codes in a Nutshell

Is Your Printer a Security Threat?

Taking OneNote With You

Bullet-Proof Your Business Continuity Plan with this Checklist

Remember Everything from Everywhere with Evernote

A Cool Server is a Happy Server

Are your Employees your Biggest Data Loss Risk?

Netstar Donates to Crisis for Christmas

Don't Let Antivirus Management Slip Through the Cracks

How Safe is Your Email?

The Netstar Team Volunteer for the Santa Run with Great Ormond Street Hospital

Virtualisation Simplified

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