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How to Spot a Phishing Email - Are You Aware of These Email Security Red Flags?

15 May 2017

A new form of Ransomware has recently spread to 74 countries, most notably affecting the NHS. This ransomware arrives via phishing emails, and gets onto systems by the user clicking on a link or attachment in a phishing email.

If You Only Do ONE thing to Protect your Business Against Ransomware, You Should Do This

15 May 2017

In the wake of the cyber attack which resulted in NHS staff being locked out of systems and data, security awareness training for employees is a topic that should be revisited.

NHS Hack - What Happened and How to Avoid it Happening to Your Business

12 May 2017

NHS services have been hit by widespread IT failure across England - this has been caused by malware inadvertently downloaded by staff clicking on a link or attachment in an email sent by cyber criminals.

5 Habits of Cyber Secure Businesses and 4 Things they Avoid

12 May 2017

Cyber Security is a top concern for any business. Fail to take it seriously and you could easily find yourself facing huge fines for breaching compliance, losing all of your customers because you compromised their sensitive data, spending weeks unable to work or trying frantically to repair damage to your IT systems, or having to pay large sums of money to retrieve your data from criminals.

The Argument that Mobile Banking Apps Aren't Secure Just Got A Lot Stronger

21 April 2017

People often wonder whether it's safe to use mobile banking apps, worrying about the security risks that come with their convenience. Those who do not install mobile banking apps for security reasons can now point to specific evidence that shows their vulnerability to exploitation.

4 Cyber Security Tips for Sensible People (lazy people won't follow these)

05 April 2017

People are lazy.

No Device is Infallible - Apple Hastily Submits iPhone Update After Ransomware Panic

30 March 2017

Apple has recently issued an iOS upgrade after a spate of incidents where iPhones appeared to have been "locked" by ransomware.

My Close Shave With a Hacker that Could Have Ended in Disaster

22 March 2017

The reason I'm sharing this story with you, is to drive home the fact that anyone can fall for the methods that cyber criminals use to gain access to your company accounts.

What Can Stop a Cyber Criminal Getting Into Your Account Even if they Know Your Password?

13 March 2017

If you are concerned about keeping your user accounts secure, and access to sensitive business informaiton under control, then the strength of passwords is incredibly important.

8 Clear Signs it's Time to Change IT Provider

08 March 2017

A new provider brings fresh ideas, and can recommend new solutions that will improve efficiency in your organisation and help you to reduce risk, and grow.

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